Tokyo Activity of CDS Japan

Tokyo Activity, St.David's Society

This page introduces the activiites of St. David's Society in Tokyo.

Christmas Party 2009

Dear CDS members (日本語のご案内が後に続きます)

We trust you are all well and staying warm as winter draws in. We would like to inform you of some upcoming CDS events over the next few months. We want to have a greater variety of events for CDS members of all ages, so please try to join us, and bring your friends!

The First of these events will be the 2009 Christmas Party Lunch on 6th
December at O'Carolan's, Jiyugaoka.
Further details to follow, but the event will start at 13:00 -13: 30 with a long overdue Annual General Meeting. Lunch is from 14.00.

Date 2009-12-06 (Sun)
Time 13:00 - 13:30 Annual General Meeting
14:00 - Lunch
Place Tokyo, Jiyugaoka

Price 4,000 yen + Please bring a small wrapped present valued approx 500 yen.

Please let us ( japancds@gmail.com ) us know if you can join the PARTY.
Space is very limited, so FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.
Please respond by 2nd December so we can confirm numbers for the booking. Also, AGM will be held before the party. We will let you know about the detail, if you join it.



日 2009年12月06日(日)
時 13:00 - 13:30 年次総会
14:00 - 昼食会
場所 東京、自由が丘

参加費 : 4,000 円 + パーティーではプレゼント交換も致しますので、各自500円くらいのおかしなプレゼントをお持ちより下さい。

参加される方は、 japancds@gmail.com までご連絡いただけますようお願いいたします。お席に限りがございますので、参加のご連絡はお早めにお願いできればと思います。参加のご連絡を12月2日までにいただけますようお願いいたします。また、クリスマスパーティに先立ちCDSの総会も行います。ご参加の方には詳細を追ってお送りします。

St. David's Day 2009 in Tokyo

今年もSt. David's Day のお祝いしたいと思います。
今年はSt. David's Dayの通り、3月1日(日)になります。このすばらしい機会にお祝いができる喜びがあります。

日 2008年3月1日(日)
時 17:45 会場外にてお会いしましょう
18:00 パーティ開始
20:30 パーティ終了予定
場所 東京 飯田橋
ホテル メトロポリタン エドモント

参加費 10,000円(大人お一人)
服装 フォーマル
ご予約 参加希望の方は、2月25日(水)までに伏見までに
ご連絡いただけますようお願いいたします。 hidehiko@tkd.att.ne.jp

いただきますのでご了承ください。それでは皆様と共にSt. David's Dayをお祝いできることを楽しみにしております。

伏見 英彦 (CDS会員登録担当)
(On behalf of Cymdeithas Dewi Sant Committee)
mailto: hidehiko@tkd.att.ne.jp

Dear St. David's Society members
We would like to celebrate the St. David's Day as follows. This year is quite special. Sunday March 1st is the St. David's Day, so we can celebrate our patron saint on the day itself. We should not miss this opportunity

Date 2009 March 1 (Sunday)
Time 17:45 Meet outside of the hall
18:00 Start of the party
20:30 Planned end of the party
Venue Tokyo, Iidabashi
Hotel Metropolitan Edmont

3-10-8 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Charge 10,000 Yen for Adult
5,000 Yen for children under 10 year's old
Dress Formal
RSVP Please reply AT THE LATEST by February 25 (Wed)
to Hidehiko Fushimi, mailto:hidehiko@tkd.att.ne.jp
Earlier booking is recommended as seating is limited.

Unfortunately we may have to make a charge for last-minute cancellations,
as the Hotel may be unable to adjust their catering arrangements accordingly.
Looking forward to celebrating the St David's Day with you all !

Hidehiko Fushimi (CDS Membership Secretary)
(On behalf of Cymdeithas Dewi Sant Committee)
mailto: hidehiko@tkd.att.ne.jp


Annual gathering of Japan Cymraeg Society

ウェールズを研究する日本カムライグ学会が、第7回の例会を5月17日(土)午後に、東京・板橋の大東文化会館で開催されます。学会員でなくとも、当日のみの参加費(500円くらい)をお支払いになれば、ご参加いただけます。お申込みは、5月9日までに、代表幹事の小池剛史さん( bachgenjapaneg@gmail.com )までお願いします。

日時:2008年5月17日(土) 13:00~17:00
場所:大東文化大学 大東文化会館 K-0401教室
    (『東武練馬』駅下車 徒歩5分)


Japan Cymraeg Society - one of the leading Welsh research institutions in Japan- will hold an annual gathering in Daito Bunka University on 17th of May. If you are interested in the culture, and history of Walsh, please do join it. Informal gathering will also follow after the event in Ikebukuro as well. Please contact following address by 9th of May.Contact: Takeshi Koike E-mail address: bachgenjapaneg@gmail.com

Date: 17th, May (Sat) 13:00-17:00
Place: Daito Bunka University, Daito Bunka Kaikan, Room#K-0401
(Nearest station: Toubu Nerima station, Tobu Tojo-line)
Entry Charge: About \500

Hanami Picnic on 12th April

CDS Tokyo hold hanami walk picnic followed by Izakaya dinner.
Place and time will be confirmed soon!
Hanami walk followed by Izakaya dinner
Date: 12th (sat), April 15:00-
Place: Inogashira-koen
We meet at Kichijoji station at 15:00
If weather is fine, we buy some snacks and possibly beer(?) on the way and have small hanami picnic. Izakaya dinner will start 18:00 around Kichijoji-station.
It's bit late Hanami but we can avoid the crowd!Feel free to contact e-mail: japancds@gmail.co.jp

St.David's Day Party 2008.03.01

St. David's Day Party. 1st March 2008 at St David's Day Party 2008 at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont. We had great time in St. David's Day in Tokyo. Photos are available in photo section.