Photos of St. David's Society Activity


St. David's Day Party-Tokyo, 2008

St. David Society Tokyo had an annual celebration party of St. David's Day at 1st of March. This party introduced a presentation of Wales, Welsh ness and various photos of Wales. Also, it provided attendants with opportunities to expand friendship.


Welsh Cultural Festival-Osaka,2008

Photos of the 2nd Welsh Cultural Festival which was held to introduce Wales, Welshness and various Welsh cultures to the people in the Kansai area, Japan. Some photos at St David's Day celebration party later are also included.


Hanami Picnic-Tokyo, 2008

Collaborating with Cardiff University Alumni Japan, we had a nice Hanami picnic on 17th on April. It was bit late for Hanami, but we enjoyed it very much. Izakaya dinner followed after the party. About 20 people attended on Hanami and 30 on Izakaya. I'm sorry I forgot to take photos of in Izakaya. Photo contribution: Ms. Tracy Jones.